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DRA Unlimited

DANGER ROOM Unlimited is a comprehensive training package designed for individuals dedicated to enhancing their fitness and martial arts skills. It offers a variety of training options for all levels, ensuring a well-rounded and flexible experience.

Ideal for jiujiteiro, creonte, martial arts enthusiasts, fitness buffs, and anyone looking to improve their physical conditioning and self-defense skills, regardless of experience level.

This membership includes access to all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Fitness classes.

Group Fitness

The DANGER ROOM fitness program offers a unique and unconventional approach to strength and conditioning, utilizing specialized tools like sandbags, kettlebells, macebells, and clubbells. These classes are designed to build functional strength, enhance grip, and harden the body through diverse and challenging workouts.

Unconventional Body Hardening

A full-body workout focused on building strength and muscle. This class uses sandbags, kettlebells, and other unconventional tools to harden the body. Developing overall strength, increases muscle mass, builds core strength and enhances physical resilience.



A dynamic class focused on swinging heavy metal objects such as kettlebells and macebells to develop power and coordination. Benefits core strength, enhances power, and improves functional fitness through dynamic movements.

Depths of Strength

General strength training using a variety of unconventional tools to build overall body strength.  Enhances general strength, improves muscle tone, and increases functional fitness using innovative and effective training methods.

Private Training

DANGER ROOM offers personalized training through private one-on-one and group sessions, tailored to enhance your fitness and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) skills. These sessions provide focused and customized instruction, utilizing both conventional and unconventional training methods to meet your specific goals.

Online Training

DANGER ROOM offers personalized online training tailored to enhance your fitness from the comfort of your home. These virtual sessions provide focused and customized instruction, utilizing both conventional and unconventional training methods to meet your specific goals.

In-House Training

DANGER ROOM offers the convenience of in-house personal training, where our expert trainers come to you. Whether you're looking to enhance your fitness or improve specific skills, we provide focused and customized instruction in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Personalized Meal Plans

DANGER ROOM offers personalized meal plan services designed to optimize your nutrition and help you achieve your fitness goals. Our meal plans are carefully crafted by nutrition experts to suit your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Please note, this service provides detailed meal plans and guidance, but does not include food preparation.

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